In August of 2019 a team of four aspiring family members collectively merged, and brought their ideas together to form Good2Go Veggie. 


LaShaun “Sah” Jackson has been a vegetarian since 1992.  

His experimental creativity in the kitchen has been a pass time hobby through which he developed an expertise in crafting vegan and vegetarian dishes. Although not formally trained in the food profession, one of his life’s goals was to enter into the vegan/vegetarian fast food market. 


His wife, Andrea a vegetarian since 2008, thoroughly enjoyed his meals at home. She often encouraged him to share his vegan & vegetarian dishes with others. Andrea approached her cousin Dwight Culbreath, who owns and operates a fast food seafood restaurant with his wife. They discussed considering her husbands plant based dishes for his menu. 


Dwight was very interested in the idea because his wife Jenaya, a vegan since 2018, often suggested to Dwight, that he should consider having more plant based food options at their establishment. They had already started implementing a few “healthy” items to the menu, so the idea resonated with them.


Dwight and LaShaun began discussing the possibilities with each other. The merger of Dwight’s background in the restaurant industry with LaShaun’s creative plant based menu ideas laid the foundation for Good2Go Veggie to be created. Dwight and LaShaun’s wives came in and supported the work their husbands were doing and the two couples have since worked together to expand the Good2Go Veggie brand. 


One of the first new menu items created by Good2Go Veggie was the “Shock’N Shrimp,” a plant based shrimp that fit in perfectly with the seafood restaurant that Dwight owned. Vegan, vegetarian and non-vegan consumers absolutely love the Shock’N Shrimp. They were all truly shocked by how delicious the plant based shrimp was, and how it tastes so similar to the real thing!




At Good2Go Veggie our mission is to create healthy and delicious plant based fast food that is Good 2 Go! Our goal is to make plant based options as plentiful as meat options are in the fast food industry, and to offer consumers delicious plant based foods that they can enjoy at home. We are committed to creating plant based food options that vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters will enjoy. Our food is “shockingly vegan and shockingly delicious!"

Shock'N!!         Shock'N!!        Shock'N!!

© 2019 by Good 2 Go Veggie.